Livesystems™, originally founded as™, is an on-going Internet Business Art project by Marni Kotak. Frustrated by the lack of images in advertising that related to her own life, Kotak developed Livesystems™ in 1999, while working as an Internet marketing executive at the height of the Internet boom.

The mission of Livesystems™ is to create an economy driven by the everyday life and desires of Marni Kotak. The organization offers advertising solutions called Livesystems™ Solutions (hypertext link to Livesystems™ Solutions), such as her Write Your Message On My Body: Place Your Ad Here body advertising campaign (hypertext link to Write Your Message On My Body: Place Your Ad Here page), Livesystems™ (Trans)actions (hypertext link to Livesystems™ (Trans)actions) , or large-scale C-print documentations of Kotak engaging in her everyday activities, and Livesystems™ Products, which are products developed by Kotak for her daily use branded under the Livesystems™ name.

Over the years, Kotak has continued to work on Livesystems™ while developing many new bodies of work, and plans to keep it going throughout her life, honing and modifying it as needed to fit her changing lifestyle.