Marni Kotak

Marni Kotak is a Brooklyn-based performance artist who proclaims through her live and multimedia interactive works that her life is an on-going series of performances. Kotak’s work spans more than 10 years, and includes her ‘Found Performances’(2005-ongoing)—or staged re-enactments her real life experiences; ‘Incidental Performances’(2001-ongoing)—rough photo and video documentation of her daily activities; Livesystems™(1999-ongoing)--her life presented as an online advertising business; and her latest project, MyHouse Art Space(2010-ongoing), where she creates a ‘performance art zone’ in her home, declaring everything and every action inside the space to be art.

Recent live performances include Hot Water Bags (2010) at Plato’s Cave, S’mores (2009), held as part of the 10th Annual Open Art International Performance Art Festival in Beijing, China, My Grandfather’s Funeral (2009) at English Kills Gallery, and How to French Kiss IV (2009) at Grace Exhibition Space. Other works include Sandbox, Radiator, and Big Hair exhibited at Artists Space in conjunction with PERFORMA05, the first biennial of live visual art performance, Dinners for You (2008-ongoing), Pleasure War! (2005).

Kotak’s work has been featured in PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, the New York Times, the Village Voice, NY Arts, New York Press, Art New England, The Brooklyn Rail and more. She has exhibited her work at various venues including Artists Space, NY Studio Gallery, Cave Gallery, Holland Tunnel, English Kills, Grace Exhibition Space, and the Open Realization Contemporary Art Center in Beijing, China. She received her BA from Bard College; and in 2006, she was one of 18 graduating artists from Brooklyn College’s MFA program whose thesis exhibition was shut down and censored by city officials. She now lives and has her studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn with her white pet rat, Daisy. For more information, visit