Dinners for You rhizome   


I love to cook, particularly for special people in my life. My favorite people to cook for are lovers. I like to make them exactly what they want, with little or nothing on. I had this idea to cook the way I do for my lovers for strangers and friends who I am less intimate with, to treat them the same way. It is the best feeling when someone gives you exactly what you want, and why should we only get this from lovers?


My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. It is also the biggest, one of those large, pre-war eat-in kitchens. I spend more time in my kitchen than any other room, except my bedroom I guess, definitely more than my studio. I don’t know what it is, but I think it has something to do with how a kitchen is set up around spending time with others while eating and drinking. I think that is my most natural state, except for being by the ocean.


I like to be of service to others, and cooking for people is one way to do this. It is also a way to fulfill a traditionally feminine gender role, which sometimes (but not always) I like to do. Add that I do it with almost nothing on, and I guess that one could say I am post-feminist – though I definitely wouldn’t describe myself that way. I am just trying to do something nice for people that I also enjoy.