Knowing Nereid rhizome   


People know a lot of things, and there are different types of knowledge. Some people think that they are smart because they know a lot about a certain subject, but in reality, they may know very little about anything that matters at all. Individuals differ on what they think is the most important kind of knowledge. I am not really sure, but I think the ability to understand the meaning of one’s own life is the most significant kind of knowledge.


I love the ocean, and my name means ‘maiden of the sea’. I grew up spending summers by the shore in Cape Cod, and now my family has a beach house on Lt. Island, on the bay side, off of Wellfleet. Interestingly, it is right across the Cape from Marconi Beach, which was my favorite ocean beach as a child. When I go to the beach, I can spend long hours just gazing at the waves, losing myself in the endless blue. I think that being by the ocean is the closest I come to the experience of transcendence (besides sex, of course).

Sea Nymph

In my past life, I think I was a sea nymph. Or perhaps, I still am sometimes, like when I am at the beach, it comes out. I imagine myself a Nereid, swimming beside Poseidon and helping sailors on their perilous journeys through the Aegean. If I could live in the time of the ancient Greeks, I would want to be Thetis.