Knowing Nereid rhizome   

Russian Mafia

I am quite sure that Bratva or Mafiya members exist in Our Community, although I have no hard evidence of this. I am a quarter Russian from my Dad’s mother, and have always been fascinated by Russian spy movies. In another life, I imagine myself as the secret agent “Marnitov Cocktail.”

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktails are relatively easy to make at home, and pyros like me will be pleased to know that you can set lots of things on fire this way. Abbie Hoffman writes about how to build them in Steal This Book. That’s how I learned.


Many things are considered dangerous these days. And for this we have to put all of our stuff in small baggies when we fly anywhere, as well as say something if we see something. I think the most dangerous thing is to not look at oneself honestly, even the scary parts.