Sunset Maid rhizome   


My favorite time of the day is sunset. The light seems so heavy as the sun weighs it down, like a comfy blanket, sealing in the day. My favorite place to watch the sun go down is on what my family calls “the little beach” on Lt. Island. I sit there on the ledge of the boat house with some raw oysters and a glass of wine, and wait for the sun to sliver away.


It is hard for me to relax in the city. Luckily I can escape to the beach on Lt. Island, where there is hardly anyone around you, except some fisherman, an occasional bird watcher, and someone you have seen before, but don’t know by name. When I am there, I like to wear relaxing clothes, like my North High sweatshirt. I also like to take them off, and wear nothing.


Almost all lovers would agree that it is very romantic to watch the sunset together, especially on the beach. This is the kind of thing that no matter what I say it will sound cheesy. But, I don’t think romance is really glamorous like in those paperback books they sell in train stations. I think it is more like revealing yourself as a hopeless goofball as well, so that your lover feels more normal.