Knowing Nereid
Marnitov Cocktail
Sunset Maid
Dinners for You
Oyster Princess
Shower me with my love
Nothing Special
Gold Teeth
All 10 Worlds
High Art
Exclusive Eats

What does business have to do with art?

Component #1:
Exchange of Values:

The value systems which we exist within are in a constant state of negotiation.
What I want changes from day to day based upon what you want and others want and how bad you want it.
We each take our wants to the table and forge a deal.

Component #2:
Interstice of wants

My product is a concept and/or object that I want you to want.
I package my product according to what I think you want.  If I am successful, you find value in my product and an exchange is made.
Right there at that moment when an exchange is made, my product's place in the system is defined.  I am given a meaning.

Component #3:
Negotiation: Change

Because a purchase is an act of postioning within value systems, it is a locality fertile with the capacity to facilite deep change in larger social systems, cultures, meanings.